ATN Thor HD 384 Review: Is It Worth A Night Vision Scope To Go All-in

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The most advanced line of thermal rifle scopes is now on the market bar. The ATN Thor series is the most recent upgraded version of the HD series. It has all premium features, shaping a scope that can accomplish anything.

Still in two minds? You may need the ATN Thor HD 384 review below to find out some of the most crucial aspects of this scope. Let’s see what sets it apart from the others.

ATN ThOR-HD 384 4.5-18x
  • Excellent Image Performance with 384x288 Sensor
  • Ballistic Calculator - the system allows you to calculate the trajectory of your bullet, helping you to hit the target
  • Build-in Smart Rangefinder - will make your life easier than ever. 
  • Smooth Zoom - lets you magnify to target without losing what’s in your FOV like with step zoom systems

About ATN 

ATN was founded in 1995 and is now the industry’s top Tech Optics firm, transforming the industry. It has produced low-light optics for many customers in the military, law enforcement, hunting, and other fields. 

It is a significant maker of precise night vision scopes and thermal imaging. SMART HD technology, wireless streaming, ballistic calculations, picture stabilization, laser ranging, and other features are also available.

Most users are satisfied with the company’s easy-to-use products. Their scopes are diverse in design, with different lines depending on the needs of uses. Its price is also reasonable compared to other brands for a multitasking product.

ATN also has a complete customer service system with a three-year warranty for each product. The company gets many good reviews for their dedicated support.

In 2018, ATN launched its 4th Generation of Day and Night Digital systems and the new Thermal product line. The new line has increased image processing capabilities and lightning-fast speed.


  • Sensor: 384×288
  • Magnification: 2-8X
  • Field of view: 12 ° / 9.5 °
  • Objective Diameter: 25 mm
  • Reticle: Multiple Patterns & Color Options
  • Eye relief: 65 mm
  • Human detection: 800 yards
  • Human recognition: 400 yards
  • Resolution: 1280×960 Pixels
  • Battery Life: 8 hrs
  • SD card: 64GB
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Mode: Day/Night
  • Fit with (best for): hunting, search/rescue using

Picture Quality

The ATN Thor has a sensitive sensor of up to 384 x 288. It can take crystal clear photos at extreme distances with 384 image resolution and smooth gradations even in complete darkness. Hunting at night is no longer a pipe dream since this scope can detect your prey via thermal energy instead of light.

One of my favorite features is non-uniformity compensation (NUC). You may need to improve image quality when the image is degraded by various environmental conditions. There are multiple NUC tables to operate the temperature range. The camera will select the favorable table based on its temperature.

The scope sometimes loses focus after the shot. You may find it inconvenient to refocus every time manually. Contact the seller for the warranty if you meet this problem!


The ATN Thor 384 thermal rifle scope has a smooth zoom feature with a magnification of 2-8X. So the most effective range is around 300-500 yards. The adjustable zoom assists you obtain a close-up or distant picture of anything. 

Besides, this riflescope provides a ballistic calculator, including wind direction, wind speed, angle, humidity, etc. The name is rather self-descriptive. With the figures it provides, you can now measure and adjust the shooting direction to hit the target, even from a long distance.

The scope also has a smart rangefinder. You do not need to bring any other equipment with you to range your target. This built-in rangefinder will calculate the distance for you so that you have an ideal shot every time.

Therefore, you can quickly determine the distance to your goal. Once it is aligned in your reticle, it will automatically adjust its point of impact. No room for guesswork or memorizing charts anymore.

You can customize the reticles in any way, shape, form, or color depending on your preference. There are tons of many reticle types included in the software that you can choose from. You can even get more in the future by updating.

There are also some novel features that may be useful for accuracy:

  • E-BAROMETER: The ThOR-HD barometer can measure atmospheric pressure and display accurate results in electronic format. So you can get the necessary parameters.
  • GYROSCOPE: This feature activates the built-in gyroscope and image stabilization. Therefore, you can improve your ability to get a steady vision.
  • E-COMPASS: The combination of a high-performance 3D accelerometer and a 3D magnetometer will give you the exact direction to head. You can get a better shot at the object you’re tracking!

Recording Capabilities

This device allows you to film your hunting video in 1280 x 960 resolution, at 30 per second. It also supports streaming 720p via WiFi. The 64GB microSD will store all your recorded videos.

Since the ATN company pioneered the Recoil Activated Video technology (RAV), you may film the video manually or using the unique RAV.

All you need to do is turn on the RAV mode, set your parameters, and anytime Pull the Trigger. You will activate RAV by the recoil of your weapon. After that, the sight will record a number of seconds before your shot, during your shot, and a number of seconds after.

Then, you can leave it there as long as you like since the recording keeps working in the background. You won’t have to bother pushing the record button every time you aim at your target. 

Bluetooth & WiFi

The ATN Thor Smart HD has a built-in mobile app called ATN Obsidian app. It supports controlling your device and view live streaming. With the ATN 384, you may use another device to observe the object.

Once you connect to the app via WiFi, you can open up the Gallery and playback your latest adventurous experiences. All your photos and videos are already there and ready to be re-watched. 

It may freeze up a few times while messing with the Bluetooth​ and WiFi features.

Materials & Durability

The product is made from anti-corrosion materials to protect it from damage by environmental factors. We appreciate the scopes made from these kinds of materials.

The material of Hardened Aluminum Alloy increases durability with minimum impact on weight. There are no cheap-feeling moving components with nothing wiggling. It is generally excellent for coyote night hunting in any situation.

The scope is weather resistant with an IP rating. You can use it in light rain or fog. But if something goes wrong with it, you can get a 3-year full warranty.

Battery Life

You must be surprised, knowing the battery life on this scope can last up to 8 hours. The internal Lithium-ion batteries allow you to keep your hunting journey until late into the evening or early morning hours.

ATN recommends 1.5V Li-ion batteries for longer battery life, and there are four AA batteries inside. In case you want a real long hunting session, you need to carry extra batteries or purchase the ATN Power Weapon Kit. 

The optional extra Kit includes a 20,000 mAh battery, a USB to micro USB adapter, and a buttstock bag to attach it to your rifle. It allows your scope to last a full day of use.


This scope is quite easy to use. It doesn’t have too many buttons that are confusing for newbies. It may take you 5 minutes to get used to it.

First, you turn on the scope by pressing the POWER button until you see its splash screen. Then use the keypad to mainly control the device. 

By rotating the diopter adjustment ring, you will achieve optimal sharpness for your vision. Pressing and holding the UP or DOWN button on the keypad, you will be able to zoom in and out.

You need two clicks and a simple scope shift to range your target via the smart rangefinder. After ranging in with your rangefinder, you can change your incline angle, adjust the distance. Your point of impact will shift to have a fair shot every time.

You don’t have to join a sniper course to get the perfect shot. You only need to learn to calculate windage to enter the obsidian core. All other data will be on the scope. Newest firmware made this great scope even better.

The 384 image resolution has its  moment if your targets are 400 yards or less. The device may have some slight screen interference when the WiFi is on. You would better have a strong WiFi connection to ensure the picture quality while uploading to Gallery.

  • Decent picture quality
  • Ideal for hunting with the ballistic calculator function
  • A plethora of extra features
  • Diversity of reticle types to choose from
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • High price
  • Easy to freeze
  • Lose Focus


After reading the ATN Thor HD 384 review, you may realize that the product completes its basic function well and even has many extra features. However, it has not completely satisfied users with that high price.

This product is perfectly suitable for beginners with easy-to-use functions, and short-range hunters should also consider buying it. Those who like multi-purpose scopes will certainly be pleased with the performance of this device.