Spotting Scopes review (2021 updated)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best spotting scope is, then we recommend the Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope as the best one.

In the modern age, it is much more fun to hunt with enhanced vision. Spotting scopes are a fantastic investment for hunting fans. It is getting more exciting to go hunting each day with new inventions being released almost every week. As technology continues to evolve, companies are also continually producing the best spotting scope in the market.

Our hunting abilities are only as enhanced as our vision and stealth capabilities. Spotting scopes help us achieve this feat with a touch of class. The most popular optic for hunting is the gun scope. However, this article will be focused on something slightly different: Spotting scopes for stalking.

With the hunting scope becoming more popular, hunters are looking to use the most advanced scopes out there. The hunting experience is exhilarating and so much so for me. You can only guess how excited I am to share my knowledge for hunters and Our list of spotting scope reviews will give you a hugely beneficial .

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What you should consider in a hunting best spotting scope

Before we discuss the essential features to consider when buying a spotting scope, we must first establish the use of spotting scopes. A spotting scope, unlike a gun scope or binoculars, is used mainly to scope an area when looking for a game and after it is shot. It is useful in determining the size of game, surveying areas covered by brush, and whenever you might need a closer view of the action.

While binoculars are also useful when hunting, spotting scopes can view incredibly long distances. Spotting scopes are also much heavier and usually have to be mounted on a tripod for a stable view. Personally, I prefer scopes because I like to hunt from a stand. That way, my prey never sees me coming.

Now that we all clearly understand the use of spotting scopes, we can jump into the features you find preferable in your hunting spotting scope.

spotting scopes review

Straight or angled?

Beginners may have a hard time aiming with angled body spotting scopes. I, however, prefer them to straight body spotting scopes since they are much easier to use while standing. I love to look down into my scope with ease while it is mounted on a tripod.

Straight body spotting scopes are much easier to use while mounted on a car window. In this case, the car will, of course, replace your tripod. The decision between angled and straight body spotting scopes comes down to personal inclination. There is no outright correct choice on which type you should buy.

Quality of the objective lens

We all obviously want the best spotting scope with a high-quality, objective lens and high-performance glass. In my experience, quality is always a priority to size when dealing with spotting scopes. The larger lens with low quality will only give you a mediocre view as compared to a smaller lens with higher quality.

Given that the quality of the lens is similar, a larger lens will always give you a superior image to the one on a smaller lens. However, you can expect to pay a higher price for a broader scope.


Spotting scopes’ magnification ability is essentially designed for viewing objects at a distance where conventional binoculars are no longer viable. When hunting, you will usually need a spotting scope with the magnification of between 30X and 40X, which will assure you of reasonable quality images. Of course, you will lose a bit of quality as you go for higher magnification.

Although the quality of the lens is the biggest determiner of the quality of your view, the atmosphere also plays a huge role in the quality of the image being viewed. Wind, glare, humidity, and dust can lower the quality of your scope’s view. I prefer high altitudes with dry climates for more quality in at high magnifications. You may require moderately lower magnifications in more humid areas for a clear image.

Lens Coating

It is best to purchase a scope with an anti-reflection coating, which makes the scope more efficient in gathering light. A scope without an anti-reflection coating is definitely not worth your money. A spotting scope should be fully coated or multi-coated to absorb as much light as possible and give a clear view of the prey.

The quality, however, depends on the coating chosen for a specific scope. Multi-coated scopes are usually best for an optimal view.


It is essential you remember that sometimes, the eyepieces are not included in the scope’s price. In most cases, the eyepieces that are not built into the scope are sold separately. However, some high-end spotting scopes feature removable eyepieces that are not often included in the price of the spotting scope.

There are two types of eyepieces; a single powered eyepiece, which has some optical advantage, and a zoom eyepiece, which is most preferred for its ability to change magnification in poor atmospheric conditions. A high-quality zoom eyepiece will give you great eye relief while offering exceptional viewing quality.


While it is not an absolute necessity for a spotting scope to be waterproof, the feature can protect your scope from harsh atmospheric conditions. A spotting scope that is designed to seal out moisture, dust, and debris is always more likely to out-last the scope built without the feature. Dust and moisture could also make the lens foggy, which leads to a poor quality view.

Tripod quality

Spotting scopes usually require a tripod since the magnification level is very high. When an image is magnified at 60x, the focus area is reduced and easily lost whenever its stand is unstable. When viewing from a vehicle, a car mount could work perfectly. However, I find tripods a requirement for hunting excursions.

You, however, do not require a specialized tripod. I, for instance, had to buy a tripod only two weeks after purchasing my first spotting scope. My car mount meant I had to stick in the car while I scoped the landscape for deer. The only thing I had to consider was the weight of my scope. And since my scope’s body is built from lightweight aluminum alloy, I had an easy time getting the right one.

Best Spotting Scopes – Top 5 Reviews

No. 1 Emarth 20-60x60AE Waterproof Angled Spotting Scope with Tripod

Emarth is a firm that is focused on producing quality spotting scopes for hunters. This scope is so far their finest example of that. The mere fact that it weighs an astounding 0.98 lbs makes it a personal favorite. I can easily carry it into the field instead of mounting it on my car. The scope has a lifetime warranty should anything damages it in your adventures.

The price is perhaps the catchiest feature among hunters. It retails at thousands of dollars cheaper than the brands in its quality range. The perception HD technology used in this scope really shines while hunting. Additionally, its coating absorbs a fantastic 96% of light, giving you an excellent view.


  • Powerful zoom magnification
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • Reliable customer service
  • Waterproof build
  • A durable construction


  • Eye-protection is crappy according to some customer reviews

No. 2 Spotting Scope Fully Multi Coated Optical Lens Fogproof and Movably Eyepiece Rubber Design Telescope

For those of us that are avid hunters, identifying a target could be the difference between making a catch and losing one. A quality spotting scope should allow you to better view elusive deer before taking a shot at them. The Huicocy Spotting Scope is built to do just that.

The fact that it is has excellent eye protection makes it easier for beginners to capture their ideal image. It also features a lightweight aluminum body, which is a solution for most hunters trekking through the woods.

The multi-coated lens and high-density glass allow you to view sharp images while hunting. In addition, the scope comes with a rotating tripod ring, which allows the hunter to switch views while maintaining stability.

Undoubtedly an asset for avid hunters, the scope has a rugged waterproof and fog-proof coating that protects the device from the elements. To shield the objective lens from the sun’s glare, the scope features a stylish sunshade that makes it easier to hunt in sunny weather. The eyepiece in this model is, however sold separately.


  • Fog proof and waterproof
  • Ideal target range for hunting
  • Rubber armor construction
  • A lifetime warranty from the manufacturers and a lifetime money back guarantee


  • The absolute lens is quite small

No. 3 Celestron 52322 Spotting Scope (Army Green)

It is quite a surprise that Celestron, a very well known firm in the astronomy niche, would have their product featuring in this guide. It, however, turns out that the firm also produces excellent spotting scopes for hunters. The scope is surprisingly cheap, given the features it offers.

If we are talking value for your money, the Celestron spotting scope is probably the best in the market for you. After testing the scope’s abilities in spotting deer at 300 feet, I was already surprised at the quality of the view. You cannot guess how exhilarated I was when I found out I could spot deer from up to 1500 feet away. Though the view was far from clear from 1500 feet, you do not expect a scope with that pricing to capture any deer from that range.

It also features a rugged body that is fog and waterproof to last many hunting endeavors by your side. With most scopes, targeting deer takes too long, and you end up losing your catch. The Spotting Scope solves this quagmire with a sight tube feature that makes targeting easier and faster. The scope is also compatible with a majority of tripods in the market.

There are however, a few flaws on the scope, which is the least you expect from a scope that is as budget-friendly. The major flaw in this scope is that at higher magnifications (above 30x), it has relatively serious chromatic deviation. However, this scope does, in fact, provide the average hunter with a premium experience. Other cons in the scope are generally features that only more expensive spotting scopes can offer. For instance, the view gets foggy at higher magnifications. This scope is the best low budget hunting spotting scope in the market.


  • A rotating tripod mount
  • Large focus wheel
  • It is light and ideal for outdoor adventures
  • It is quite affordable
  • It is best spotting scope under 300


  • The magnification is limited by the size of its lens

No. 4 Roxant Authentic Blackbird High Definition Spotting Scope with Zoom – Rubber Armor

If you prefer a robust hunting experience with a long-range sighting that is crystal clear, then this is the spotting scope for you. I would recommend you purchase the viper as your first spotting scope as it will excite you during your escapade.

Although scopes come at lower prices, the viper is the only scope at its pricing that can offer the modern hunter a quality experience at the price range. It features a rugged fog-proof and waterproof construction that still manages to be moderately light. It is simple to learn and use, and it comes with a ring tripod that makes it efficient in spotting prey in the brush.

It also has an Armotek lens coating, which means your lens stays protected from damage at all costs. In addition, this spotting scope comes with a lifetime warranty.

The only cons of this scope are; its limited eye relief, its protection sleeve is not easy to put on, and it is pricey for the average hunter. This scope is very popular among hunting communities, and it becomes easy to understand why, after using it.


  • Military grade optics that are crystal clear
  • Weather proof
  • Rubber armor is durable
  • It is portable since it comes in a light weight build and a bag for easier transport
  • A lifetime replacement guarantee by the manufacturer


  • Limited eye relief

No. 5 Vortex Optics Razor HD Spotting Scopes

For an avid hunter, the Gosky 20-60×60 HD Spotting Scope is one of the best hunting spotting scopes available in the market. The magnification power on the scope is almost supernatural, with an 85mm lens. The angled spotting scope features a 16 feet close focus, which produces a crisp view via its advanced triplet panchromatic system.

It has a lightweight body made from a magnesium alloy, which makes it less bulky than most scopes in the market. It is also equipped with an adjustable eye cup and a dual focus element that allows you to make fine adjustments to the clarity of your view.

The Gosky spotting scope has an ArmorTek Lens Coating, which repels oil from the lens. The scope is also weather-proof against snow, rain, and fog, which makes it a favorite among ardent hunters.

To top it all off, the price of the scope is also inclusive of a magnification eyepiece and a rotating tripod ring, which allows you to position your scope flexibly.


  • Durable construction
  • Waterproof design
  • One of the less expensive options
  • Light and easy to carry around
  • Powerful lens


Every hunter has a person a taste when it comes to his tools of choice. However, there is a large variety of factors to consider when purchasing a spotting scope. Scopes come in thousands of different shapes, sizes, and even color. However, these are not the only factors to consider when purchasing one. Once you are decided on whether you want an angled or straight-body scope; whether you prefer eye relief, and the amount you would like to spend on the spotting scope, then you can take a trip to the Amazon shopping store to see their current offerings. Your dream spotting scope could be right there.

Overall, a hunting spotting scope should be able to enhance your hunting experience. The scopes in the drop-down above achieve this feat, and thus their popularity among hunting communities. There are plenty of spokes available in the market today, but each is created uniquely. It is crucial to compare the scopes and their prices to identify the one that would serve your endeavor best. It is my hope that this spotting scope guide has opened your eyes to which scope is best for your hunting experience. Have a great hunting expedition

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